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July 15, 2013

Fast food restaurants fit perfectly within the American lifestyle

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Fast Food Franchises Are the Most Sought After in the Franchise Market

The development of franchises in our country has been explosive and continues to expand into other industries and brands.  As we know, this is a win-win situation.

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The franchising company that can depend on a recognized brand and a successful know-how has the possibility to expand their business exponentially through multiple fronts at the same time since it can count on entrepreneurs who invest in a brand that allows them to launch their own business with great possibility of success, with solid support, that would otherwise be much riskier if they had to do it alone (at their own risk) and “against the entire market”. 

The fast food franchises in general were the pioneers of vertiginous expansion. After WWII, the highways of the United States began to grow in an impressive manner, and it became necessary to have gas stations where travelers could stop to refuel and rest. Franchises with brands that were already recognized in big cities began to open up establishments at these rest stops, which provided them with a noticeable push to continue to grow. 

Currently, franchises are available in many industries, from tutoring services to automobile care; the list is endless.  Service franchises, such as those of beauty salons and cleaning services, have experienced strong growth. 

However, the stars of the retail business are the fast food franchises.

We can briefly list brands that are completely ensconced in popular conscience so that people recognize the brand even if they do not use it assiduously. 

Fast food restaurants fit perfectly within the American lifestyle, which is the basis for the success of the franchises we can list, even though the list is far from complete.  There are many brands that are perfectly established within regional markets, that have not yet earned national recognition but are well on their way to achieving it. 

We can name them in alphabetical order, to quickly locate them, and without judging their worth, in order to highlight brands that are notably established, although, we repeat, this is not a complete list.

7Eleven Food Stores.  It is the largest chain of stores in the world (with more locales than McDonald’s), with its convenience store model, open 24 hours a day.  It already has a presence in over 18 countries. 

Arby’s.  With almost 50 years in the business, it has nearly 40,000 restaurants. It has a strong opportunity for global expansion.

Burger King.  Created in Miami in 1954, when two young entrepreneurs set up a hamburger restaurant with an original concept.  Today we can find it not only in the United States, but in different countries around the world. 

Dairy Queen.  Dairy Queen is an international ice cream and fast food restaurant chain.  It was founded in 1938 and began to sell franchises two years later.  It is the largest chain in the state of Texas.

Denny’s, Inc. This restaurant chain offers different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Its corporate headquarters is located in South Carolina.  Currently, it has over 1,500 locales in North America. 

Dominos Pizza. It is a multinational company that specializes in pizza.  It is the second largest chain of this kind in the United States and has 9,000 locales in 60 countries. 

Dunkin’ Donuts.  These stores can be found in over 30 countries, and they serve over 52 types of donuts, along with hot and cold beverages, breakfast sandwiches and other baked products. 

Froots.  Breakfast and wraps!  It began in South Florida and is currently under expansion. 

Green Leaf’s.  Founded in 1976, it offers more than salads.  Its fresh wraps and grilled paninis have been very successful.   The growth potential for Green Leaf’s is truly limitless. 

Kentucky Fried Chicken.  It is a fast food franchise that specializes in friend chicken.  Its origin dates back to 1939. 

McDonald’s.  It is the most popular fast food franchise in the world.  It does not really have any lack of recognition worldwide.

Pizza Hunt, Inc.  It is a franchise specializing in American-style pizza.  With over 34,000 restaurants in 100 countries, it is the largest pizza chain in the world.

Sir Pizza.  Sir Pizza has been offering fresh and delicious food in a family-friendly atmosphere for over 50 years.  The original Sir Pizza opened in Indiana in 1957.  In 2009, it moved to Coral Gables, Florida and today boasts over 12 locales in Miami-Dade and Broward, with more restaurants being added every day.

Founded in 1965, its distinguishing characteristic is that it serves a fresh and healthy alternative to fast food fare.  It has franchises in the United States and in other countries.

Taco Bell. Taco Bell is a franchise specializing in Tex-Mex cuisine.  The chain was founded in 1962.

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen.  With over 200 locales, Villa continues to grow, from the first pizza restaurant that opened in 1964.

Wendy’s. They are part of the Wend’s Int. Group along with the Italian restaurant Pasta Pomodoro, the Café Express chain and Tim Hortons.  The group’s central headquarters is in Ohio. 

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