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July 7, 2011

Great Clips, a chance to start your own business

By 2011, Great Clips has focused on the goal of bringing about 160 franchisees to reach some 3,000 franchises in the United States and Canada.

By 2011, Great Clips has focused on the goal of bringing about 160 franchisees, to reach some 3,000 franchises in the United States and Canada.

This is being done mainly in the northeast coast, primarily in cities like Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Its successful expansion will extend to large urban centers like Detroit and also in the south as Dallas / Forth Worth.

Entrepreneurs have responded positively since with Great Clips you basically have a proven know-how in the management of stores, supported by a Manager, who is trained in an intensive and deep way, so that the investors can start their own business without direct personal involvement in the stores.

A business with interesting features and advantages

Great Clips offers its franchisees to open their own business, with the following advantages:
  • A relatively low business investment. You don’t need to leave your current activity. Moreover, over time many of the franchisees keep buying more franchises confirming the suitability of this successful business.
  • A recession-resistant business. Regardless of the natural need to cut your hair, it is important for customers to receive the care that puts them in "fashion moment", which generates the self-confidence that will help them in their daily activities; also the visit to these beauty salons generates a time of relaxation and harmony so necessary in the accelerated modern life.
  • Possibility of further developing the business. Great Clips offers to all its franchisees the chance to meet franchisees that have more than 5 Beauty Salons to get first-hand information about the possibilities of personal expansion, once they have started their business. Nothing gives you more information that a business in motion.
  • Proper training. The person designated by the franchisee (if not himself), as well as staff who will work in the store will have all the knowledge and tools for management and customer attention with the latest market trends.
Great Clips is a leading business and with a future.

The franchise format has given long a boost to the brand known for its quality, because that way you can expand on many fronts at the same time that otherwise would be limited, losing the possibility for rapid growth in an increasingly demanding market.

Improve your knowledge about what Great Clips offers

To learn more about this business opportunity, consult those who know more about the franchising world, without additional costs at the time of consultation on any later step in the process, please complete the form below:

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