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January 1, 2014

Mobile, On-the-Go, and Home Service Franchises Add Novel Ideas Every Day

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Learn why mobile, on-the-go, and home service franchises are growing in demand.

These mobile franchises belong to the service industry.

Service franchises must have, within their original concept, distinct activities that set them apart from those franchises that offer certain service along with the sale of particular products. The difference is that service franchises attempt to offer a specific need such as auto repair, residential cleaning and commercial janitorial service, dry cleaning, and others.

Home service franchises offer lucrative business opportunities

Within these home service franchises, we can find those classified as mobile or on-the-go businesses. These franchises offer their services directly in the homes of place of business of their clients. This was clearly explained by Jose Torres, a business partner of, during a recent presentation at a conference. This particular feature sets these franchises apart from those that require their customers to go to their stores in search of a product or service.

“We were saying that these service franchises are growing for many reasons; because they clearly fill a need in the market, and also because they are franchises that in general require initial investments that are much more modest.” Jose Torres continued with: “These investment amounts are also very reasonable when compared to retailing franchises and their real estate and inventory expenses.”

Those who wish to start their own business see home service franchises as great opportunities to become independent, specially when it comes to appealing to the Latino way of always forging ahead with self-employment rather than working under another business owner as a boss. The following are clear examples of companies that offer franchises in the home service category; some of them can be browsed at the franchise portal designed especially for Hispanic Americans.

Here are some successful home service franchises: Dental Fix:

This company has revolutionized the dental care industry. Dental fix has no direct competition since no other business in the industry repairs manual dental drills on the spot or offers specialized customer service.

Ductz: This mobile franchise offers residential and commercial cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning ducts.

Fashion Vending USA: Service of machines especially designed for use by beauty salons and other businesses in the personal care industry.

Snap On Tools: Unique service that delivers and services tools directly to the clients’ residence or place of business.

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