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February 5, 2013

The Duraclean Business Model

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If you have ever wanted to have your own business, then you owe it to yourself to consider Duraclean, a successful franchise in an industry that everyone always needs: cleaning!

If you have ever wanted to have your own business, then you owe it to yourself to consider Duraclean, a successful franchise in an industry that everyone always needs: cleaning!

As a franchise, Duraclean has almost 85 years of experience in the industry. In that time, the Duraclean model has developed all the tools necessary in order to help any business owner align himself with a recognized, reputable brand. Owning a successful franchise is getting much harder because insurance companies are only covering the costs of reputable business models.

The success of the company is based on the sum of the success of its franchisees, so that you will always receive the full attention of the central corporate structure. In order to train franchisees, Duraclean employs its Success Institute to help prepare prospects who want to buy a franchise. The Success Institute will help convey all aspects of a profitable business to a potential franchisee including administration, technical support and marketing. No stone is left to chance; the Duraclean franchisee will learn every aspect of running a successful business.

Duraclean: A recession-resistant business

Faced with a crisis or recession, many business models will suffer due to slow market. Emergencies and disasters in homes or shops will always continue no matter if it rains or snows or whether it is day or night. Cleaning is a basic need that no business owner can put off until tomorrow, especially when dealing with a disaster, an accidental emergency or weather extremes such as a flood or fire.

In any home or business, the properties are usually the largest asset held. There is usually a great deal of insurance implications to be considered. Duraclean knows how to work within the system so that insurance companies will cover all or most of the costs of services.

Cleaning: One of the fastest growing industries

The cleaning industry is an industry that has no seasonality; businesses in the United States must always be clean in order to maintain their reputation. This means that no recession will ever stop the continued growth of the cleaning industry.

Both businesses and households need to be healthy and clean. Businesses that have unmet needs in terms of the health of their employees, customers have to offer a clean and friendly environment by law in many cases.

Many households are the same in the United States. Because everyone is so busy outside of the home these days, people must be able to outsource their cleaning in order to keep the organization in their residence. Cleaning is also essential in order to maintain the "peace" in a home.

Duraclean offers important advantages

There are several key factors that can be found in the Duraclean business opportunity, a few of which we will mention below:

- Theoretical and practical training
- Continued support to start and expand operations
- QSP (question about this program)
- Subsidization of some startup costs
- Primary Geographic Territory Marketing
- Unlimited growth potential
- Favorable conditions for veterans

Your Duraclean business will also be supported by our network of customer service representatives who are dedicated to giving you the absolute best troubleshooting and service possible.

To learn more about how to start a Duraclean business with this kind of support, complete the online form below and let us inform you of the process to owning your own Duraclean cleaning business. Your consultations are free of charge, and we look forward to helping you achieve the financial freedom and professional success that you deserve.

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