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February 27, 2012

Being an entrepreneur in business

By starting your own a business, you can capture all the experience you've capitalized through years of working for others

Being an entrepreneur is an essential condition in business. An entrepreneur has the self-confidence and knows how to detect a business opportunity.

In a different context, we often use the entrepreneur term as synonymous with adventurous. But that is not the case at all in the business world. The single coincidence between the two terms is the total conviction the person faces when performing discouraging actions for many others. But the business world is not an adventure in the epic sense. Is a rational, intelligent attitude that has a moment of a "relative inaction" deepening on scenario that an entrepreneur can observe (and not everyone can do that) and see the angles knowing how to deal with it.

This word is strongly related to the French word “entrepreneur” emerged in the early sixteenth century.

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Being an entrepreneur in business today

To have this spirit in action, with the modern qualities of the term as used in business today, everyone needs a team to obtain more value.

Many years ago, and still in less extent today, there are those who are starting their own business from scratch, at their own risk. The latter term, risk, is inherent in the quality of being an entrepreneur. Only those who know very well the industry where they are going to start their business, and have the necessary capital, and relationships with suppliers and customers have a high rate of success.

A large percentage fail, as demonstrated by studies indicating that approximately only 15% of businesses started "from scratch" achieve their objectives. These have been entrepreneurs who failed to have all the conditions of a good entrepreneur. This can be seen in times of crisis and unemployment, when many people, unable to be employed, venture into starting a business, almost without having done the minimum necessary studies. From there it is difficult for many to start a profitable business.

Find the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics in the United States


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