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February 8, 2012

Be part of Nutty Scientist, a franchise that educates by entertaining

Scientist® has consolidated its leadership across four continents: Africa, America (Latin America), Asia and Europe

Nutty Scientist® helps educate and strengthen values

The concept of this franchise originated in Europe where it leads the education and entertainment for children. It began as Fun Science® in 1996. Due to the success in its first year, the company began to expand internationally under the franchising concept the following year.

Nutty Scientist® has consolidated its leadership across four continents: Africa, America (Latin America), Asia and Europe. It currently has about 150 locations in 37 countries across the above mentioned continents. Today, with the confidence and experience gained on the basis of the tremendous expansion through different cultures, it is time to enter the U.S. market, which probably sums up its culture to the rest of the world because of its rich and diverse population, both ethnically and culturally.

The new teaching system with an active and entertained participation

Nutty Scientist® uses programs designed for children between 4 and 16 to teach. It teaches by entertaining, focusing on science, health and the environment.

The teaching methodology has been vastly proven, increasing creativity and motivation in children, helping them in the process of socialization.

The programs promote a strong environmental awareness, in order to face an increasingly challenging future in this area. It helps nurturing self-esteem and promotes good health.

Who is eligible to aspire to have his/her own business in Nutty Scientist®

·         The franchisee must live in the area where he/she wants to start a business.

·         There is no need for previous experience in the subject matter, but it is important to have the impetus to start a successful business.

·         Those interested must be willing to learn, and have the time to attend our Training Program, which is very complete and has many planned activities.

·         The current cost of the franchise is $ 25,000. While the total amount of the initial investment ranges between $ 32,000 and $ 38,000. This includes everything you need to get your business going, including the cost of the franchise, having an exclusive territory, advertising, the starter kit with the necessary materials, uniforms and working capital.

Learn more about this innovative and pioneering activity

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