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August 10, 2011

Interview with Jose Torres founder of BuscaTuFranquicia

Read exclusive interview with Jose Torres founder of BuscaTuFranquicia by and learn how involved Hispanics are in the franchise sector, among other points.

Jose Torres: When it comes to Hispanics in the U.S. there’s a real lack of understanding about how they go about becoming entrepreneurs. Everybody knows there’s 50 million Hispanics in the U.S. and they are growing at five times the rate of the general population, what people don’t know is that today there’s 2.5 million Hispanic business owners. That’s projected to grow to five million Hispanic business owners in 2015. However, very few franchises today are going after that market, for different reasons: lack of knowledge and misconception that Hispanics are not affluent or don’t speak the language. Those are big misconceptions. About 75 percent of Hispanics in the U.S. are bilingual. Of those about 65 per cent like to be reached out to and spoken to in their own language, but very few companies have an ‘español’ section on their website. That makes those companies look less Hispanic-friendly. So one of the things we’ve been doing at BuscaTuFranquicia help aspiring Hispanics and Latinos in the U.S. connect with franchise companies who have expressed interest in recruiting and attracting Hispanics. I offer companies the opportunity to tap into the fastest growing segment today, which is Hispanics and Latinos.

Search the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics living in the United State

PH: Why are Hispanics more active?

JT: They are more entrepreneurial by nature. They don’t like to work for someone else. I was brought up in corporate America but I knew my end goal was not to stay in corporate America. I worked for some of the biggest consumer package companies (Kraft Foods, Miller Brewing) earlier in my career, but I knew that I wanted to own my own business. Two-thirds of Hispanics in the U.S. want to be their own boss.

PH: Tell us a little about yourself.

JT: I’m 43, born and raised in Puerto Rico, educated in the U.S. I went to college in Philadelphia, and did grad school in Massachusetts, at MIT Sloan (School of Management). I launched my consulting practice 6 years ago and I launched my online market place about 2 years ago. And I partnered with MIP which is the largest trade show operator in the U.S. They’re a company that does global regeneration for franchises all over the world, and they run shows in the U.S., Mexico City, Europe, and they have about 17 marketplace website portals to match aspiring entrepreneurs to franchise companies.

PH: Give us some examples of the franchises you have worked with.

JT: 7-Eleven is one of the largest franchises in the world. Early on they identified Hispanics as a key source of growth not only from business ownership but as clients and customers. So they were one of the first and foremost companies to start developing bilingual material, to start targeting Hispanics to try to increase their sales at convenience stores. One of the best ways to increases sales in any franchise is by bringing in Hispanic franchise owners so they could tap into the local community. Then, if you take the automotive sector, there’s Meineke (Car Care Centers) and Maaco (body shop). Subway is another example of a great company going after Hispanics and doing very well.

PH: Is the Hispanic market still a relatively new area for companies to target?

JT: Absolutely, 80 per cent of the companies out there don’t realize there’s a great market to be tapped into. So our job is to go out and educate them.

PH: What do you tell them? What’s the key for them to understand?

JT: The key is for them to be seen by Hispanics as a Hispanic-friendly organization. If a Hispanic is looking at two business opportunities, and one is a company that has not shown any commitments to the Latin community and you have another company that’s already shown some interest and support to the Hispanic community, guess who the Hispanic is going to go with?


Search the best business opportunities and franchises for Hispanics living in the United State

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