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April 16, 2013

Enter the World of Efficiency With a Service Master Clean Franchise

At Service Master Clean, we are professionals who know that our business consists of providing the best preparation for our franchise owners

The Leading Franchise in Commercial and Residential Cleaning and Disaster Restoration

At Service Master Clean, we are professionals who know that our business consists of providing the best preparation for our franchise owners, with the goal that they learn not only the techniques and handling of the latest cleaning equipment, but that they also understand that the home and office space are the top priorities for the people who inhabit them. This is not only about a technical job, but also about knowing that how fast we respond and the time we dedicate to a job are adequate to each situation.

The Basis for Our Success

At our Company, we are well aware that our customers’ trust in us is the best reward we can receive since everything we do is geared towards the clients’ satisfaction.

In a home, the members seek the head of the household in difficult situations, whether large or small, but in the case of major disasters, we are honored that the head of household seeks us. The first thing is to provide tranquility, responding to the clients’ needs instantly, and arriving at the site as soon as possible. A large part of our success is our prompt response to all situations.

The Company does not waste time evaluating the dimension of the problem, classifying it large or small. A problem is a problem, and all problems must be faced with the necessary and appropriate measures as soon as possible. Letting time pass before a response means that many things can disappear definitely, and we know this. We also know that whether the problem is at your home or at your office, taking care of it is your maximum priority.

We are part of a large family of Companies that offer all types of cleaning, disinfecting and disaster restoration services. We service 10 million homes and businesses in the United States every year. We also offer our services in Canada and 40 other countries worldwide.

The Service Master Clean Franchise Helps Entrepreneurs in Valia

We provide the program Fast Start, which offers support services to new franchise owners, to whom we provide a $5,000 financial assistance from Service Master Clean so that starting their own business is a realistic and easy endeavor.

We are searching for self-motivated people who care about others, who can follow and implement what they will be taught since it is the product of 70 years of experience in the field, who know how to work as part of a team, and who can keep the promises made while maintaining excellence as the objective of the service provided, which will directly result in customer satisfaction.

Our company is at the forefront of technological advances, with the best equipment, techniques and products.

A Low-Cost, Recession-Proof Franchise

You need between $15,000 and $35,000 to start your own business. It is a home-based business, which you can start and expand with financial assistance.

You will have a prestigious, well-known brand to support you throughout the whole journey. The training sessions will grant you confidence and strength of mind.

People must face disasters and the cleanup is not something that can left for tomorrow. Health, self-esteem and the prestige of impeccably clean offices or a cozy home is not something you can stop considering, even during moments of financial slowdown.

After initial training, a professional will accompany you in all your daily tasks in order to settle any doubts that might arise.

We take care of the customer. We take care of the Company. And we take care of you.

Learn More About This Business Opportunity for Your Personal Development

You can address any doubts and get advise from the people who know the most about franchises, by visiting for a consultation. There is no cost to begin a consultation or at any time after the consultation process begins. Our representatives are waiting for you.

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