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April 26, 2013

AAMCO Transmissions: Franchise Leader in the Automotive Industry

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Its integrity and market recognition make AAMCO an attractive business to millions of car owners who visit due to its prestige

Founded in 1963 in Philadelphia, the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, by Robert Morgan and Anthony A. Martino, AAMCO Transmissions, after obtaining great initial success began to quickly grow as a franchise.

With half a century of experience in the integral automotive care business, AAMCO has over 80 establishments in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

The Advantages of Purchasing an AAMCO Franchise

imagen franqucia aamcoIts integrity and market recognition make AAMCO an attractive business to millions of car owners who visit due to its prestige, the result of the excellent services it offers the public.

The franchise format offers support to entrepreneurs who want to be their own bosses, but prefer to be under the protection of a prestigious brand, that trains its franchise holders with the goal of replicating the business model so that it remains at the top of the integral automotive care industry.

AAMCO has been classified as the number one franchise by Entrepreneur magazine.

For qualified buyers, the minimum required investment is $65,000 in cash. The franchise can also help qualified buyers acquire loans with SBA, as well as conventional banking loans.

A Company that Knows the Market

AAMCO has been at the top of the industry for so long that it permanently detects the needs of automobile owners. For example, the tendency of automobile owners to keep their personal car longer has been recognized for a few years.

The idea that maintaining an older automobile generated more expenses than keeping a newer one under guarantee ceased to be a generalized belief when users began to realize that a company like AAMCO can maintain their automobiles through all necessary and required care with the goal of helping the person avoid having to spend large amounts of money in order to change an automobile that behaves as if it was always new.

Now the name AAMCO embodies the guarantee of an automobile’s functioning and capability, has begun supplanting the care provided to automobiles that are no longer under warranty because of their years of use, and has become a great solution to maintain an essential product for our country’s inhabitants.

The crisis we have been experiencing over the last several years has been a source of extra income for our franchise holders who have taken over the market left by the repair shops of the major automotive brands.

Learn More About AAMCO Transmissions, Integral Services for Automobiles

To learn more about the advantages associated with becoming an AAMCO franchise holder, visit There is no charge for the initial visit or at any subsequent time during the process.

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