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Snap on Tools

Investment Level: $100,001 - $200,000

Snap on Tools



Who Is Snap-On and What Makes Our Tools Preferred World-Wide?

Snap-on leads the tool industry because our tools are recognized worldwide by the professionals that use them as the pinnacle in tool quality. Licensed Snap-on franchises are given the ability to sell premium grade products that can't be found anywhere else directly to their customers.

Leading the Industry in Quality

Snap-on is company that has over 19,000 products listed and employs more than 11,600 people across 130 different countries. Snap-on also has a franchise network that spans the globe with more than 4,000 total licensed stores. Snap-on is an industry leader when it comes not only to marketing tools, but manufacturing quality equipment and developing new tools for the professionals that use them. Snap-on Incorporated, whose headquarters reside in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is an S&P 500 Company worth $2.4 billion in total that sells not only high-quality tools, but storage solutions for equipment, diagnostic tools, management and information systems and a unique “under car” set of shop implements such as hydraulic lifts and even tire changers. Snap-on makes it a priority to carefully craft tools for technicians in the automotive manufacturing, automotive repair, marine industry, aviation industry, utility industry, and other industries. Snap-on also works closely with government organizations and major industrial organizations when it comes to tools.

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Researching New Ways to Make Tools Better

Snap-on is a company where we pride ourselves in our dedication towards being the best. We work to find solutions that are the most practical and original for the professionals that we have in mind when developing products that have not been developed yet. By listening closely to our customers' career needs, we're able to forge our thinking into products and services that excel in usefulness.

It's important to remember that professionals which use our products not only get the job done with our tools, but that they make their living by being able to depend on Snap-on products. It doesn't matter if it's our hardened tools that can perform under the most testing of conditions, if it's diagnostic equipment that is both easy to use and accurate, or if it's our storage solutions for tools that maximize saving space, thinking outside the box is a trait that is in the very steel of our products.

Information to Understand Just How the Snap-on Franchise Opportunity Works

Taking part in a Snap-on franchise is one of the best moves an investor can make. The costs associated with entry are extremely competitive when compared to other franchises, products are wholly trustworthy and quality and you even receive a protected list of calls. Unlike some other franchises, there is no need to invest in an expensive permanent location nor is there an ongoing percentage fee in Snap-on franchises.
  • Snap-on Leads the Tool Industry. Professionals around the world recognize and prefer the Snap-on brand due to its exceedingly high quality of tool workmanship.
  • Over 4,000 franchise units already exist worldwide.
  • Recognition for Snap-on tools is second to no other brands.
  • Customer lists are protected.
  • Mobile units are employed to be able to service customer on site.
  • There is no requirement for real estate to lease a commercial space in order to own a franchise.
  • Snap-on provides excellent training and even better support.
  • Investment in Snap-on franchises start out as low as $46,062 with the help of financing from the Snap-on Franchise Finance Program.
If you are interested in becoming a potential Snap-on franchise own, then give us a call today.

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Snap-on Video: Snap-on Franchisee Conference Boasts Record Attendance

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