Liquid Capital Required: $25,000 - $50,000 (USD)


Who is WSI? Investment Required: $40,000 - $50,000

WSI is the World’s largest and oldest Internet Consulting Company, specialized in providing Digital Marketing Solutions. WSI services companies of all sizes from SME to Fortune 500. WSI is rated the #1 Internet Services Franchise globally, with more than 1000 offices in over 80 countries.

As ‘The Voice of Digital Marketing’, WSI Consultants have been providing thought leadership and education and to businesses, organizations and associations at industry conventions, workshops and webinars for almost 20 years.


  • High Growth/High Demand Business
  • 4.2 Trillion dollar industry with 5.6 online devices
  • No technical experience required
  • Complete training and ongoing support
  • Flexible working hours, low overheads
  • Home/ Office based
  • Proven, scalable business with re-occurring revenue

Your Role as a WSI Business Consultant

Like a modern day architect, your job is to assess each client’s business needs using WSI’s patent pending -and then to prescribe the perfect- most profitable digital/Internet business strategy, custom tailored to generate profits for their business. Your clients Internet Solution is then independently built at one of WSI’s Global Production Centers.

Unparalleled Growth of Digital Marketing

The growth potential of the Digital/ Internet Marketing Industry is unparalleled. Projected to reach 4.2 trillion dollars by 2016, the massive shift to online spurred further by explosive mobile and tablet growth, is transforming today’s business landscape.

No technical experience required

As a WSI Consultant, you do not need to have a technical background. By following our proven system- with the help of our production centers, and support infrastructure- you are well positioned to provide sophisticated and proven digital, consulting services to your clients that deliver quantifiable results. In turn generating a long-lasting recurring revenue stream from your WSI business.

Complete Training and Ongoing Support

At WSI, we put the power of the digital world into your hands. We provide you with complete training, tools and the ongoing support infrastructure necessary, enabling you to achieve your business, financial and personal goals.

About WSI

As the world’s oldest and largest Internet Consulting Firm, WSI, in its 21th year of business, is rated the #1 Internet and Technology Franchise Globally with over 1000 offices in 80 countries. As ‘The Voice of Digital Marketing’, our consultants have been educating businesses, organizations and associations at national conventions, workshops and webinars for more than a decade.

Become a part of the network of men and women who have taken their entrepreneurial spirit, managerial skills and business development capabilities to a place of security, professional freedom and personal success.

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