Liquid Capital Required: $10,000 - $25,000 (USD)

Jan Pro Cleaning Systems Units
Commercial Cleaning Provides Excellent Opportunities for Entrepreneurs!

Are you ready to start your own business in 2014? It has never been a better time! The Commercial Cleaning industry is expanding by leaps and bounds. The cleaning industry has created amazing sales revenue totaling more than $140 billion. Business analysts estimate revenue will continue to multiply and expect the revenue to exceed $155 billion in the near future.

Commercial cleaning is a necessary service in high demand by many businesses and continues to grow with consumer need. An abundance of customers seeking commercial cleaning services exists in every locality. Commercial cleaning owns the distinction of being a "recession resistant" industry. There is always a demand for cleanliness.

Choosing a Franchise for a Business Makes Sense!

In North America alone the business technique of franchising is a 1.3 trillion dollar industry. Franchises include globally recognized brand names both consumer and commercially oriented. Franchising is the best way to start a business with minimal risk for new entrepreneurs.

Franchising is popular because it's a tried and true method for starting a business. New business owners are buying into a system that is already established and has a good reputation.Recognition of superior services is an invaluable tool for any business owner and provides a boost to start up operations. Successful operations of established franchises have the benefit of owning a trusted credibility. The rewards for investing in a franchise with a good reputation are innumerable.

JAN-PRO® Franchise is the Best Choice for Franchise Startup!

  • JAN-PRO has achieved recognition as a superior force within the industry of commercial cleaning by presenting measurable markers of success. JAN- PRO owns over 175 million dollars in sales revenue. JAN-PRO is also known for having over 10,000 franchisees spread out over the nation.
  • JAN-PRO repeatedly presents itself as a profitable investment and stands out industry. JAN-PRO was identified by leading experts as the most expansive franchise in commercial cleaning. For multiple years in a row, JAN-PRO held the #1 spot for recognition of growth in commercial cleaning franchises.
  • In prior years, Entrepreneur Magazine also ranked JAN-PRO globally as the Fastest Growing Franchise.
  • JAN-PRO franchising allows new business owners to make investment decisions that best suit their own needs. JAN-PRO provides new franchise owners with a complete array of support including systems, services and training. JAN-PRO wants to help new business owners succeed.

JAN-PRO Unit Franchising - Be the Best

A JAN-PRO unit franchise offers new business owners the advantage of seizing an excellent opportunity to dive into a rapidly expanding industry. An entrepreneur can safely become their own boss with the support and guidance of a solidly situated globally recognized company. JAN-PRO franchising allows individual business owners to customize their business operations to their individual needs. Franchises can start small or part-time and be built up over time to achieve entrepreneur financial goals easily.

JAN-PRO is an all inclusive franchise which combines proven business techniques with forward reaching ideas. JAN-PRO helps individuals with every detail of business development. Take advantage of opportunities with JAN-PRO's assistance and be rewarded richly.

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Why Choose Franchising as My Business?
  • Franchising is a $1.3 trillion industry in North America that includes many of the best known consumer and commercial brand names. It is a low risk way to start your own business.
  • Franchising is a proven and very popular way to start a business, because you are buying into a system and processes that already operate successfully. You also buy "instant credibility" when you invest in a well known franchise.
Why Choose a JAN-PRO® Franchise?
  • JAN-PRO is recognized as a major force in the Commercial Cleaning industry, with sales of over $175 million and almost 10,000 franchisees nationally. Most importantly, these numbers have more than doubled since 2003.
  • JAN-PRO consistently earns outstanding independent industry recognition. For example, 2010 Entrepreneur Magazine ranked JAN-PRO the #1 Growth Franchise in Commercial Cleaning, for the fifth year in a row.
  • Ranked #1 Commercial Franchise & Fastest Growing in Commercial Cleaning overall, 2014 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Awards.
  • A JAN-PRO® franchise allows you to make investment decision that best suits you, and then provides you with all the systems, support services, and training you need to be successful.
JAN-PRO Unit Franchise – In Business for Yourself, Not By Yourself

The JAN-PRO Unit franchise opportunity is one of today's exceptional business opportunities, allowing you to enter one of the fastest growing industries by safely becoming your own boss through the guidance and support of an established franchise organization. Additionally, it's a business you can tailor to your specific situation -- you can start small, even on a part-time basis, and build the business to achieve your financial goals.

JAN-PRO's franchise program is one of the most comprehensive of its kind. Combining sound business practices and innovation, this program is designed to assist unit franchisees every step of the way and in every aspect of business. JAN-PRO unit franchisees are in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

If you have you ever dreamed of using your experience to start your own business? JAN-PRO has just the right opportunity for you. Through our Master and Unit programs, you receive all of the training, expertise, and technology along with the positive reputation of the JAN-PRO brand identity. Change your life with JAN-PRO!!

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