Liquid Capital Required: $100,000 - $200,000 (USD)

Uni K Wax Center

Uni K Wax Center Franchising

Uni K Wax Centers began in 1993 as a strictly waxing service center. Since that time, we have remained such, focusing on quality products, superior methods and customer service. We are always expanding and want to do it quickly through franchising without compromising the Uni K Wax Center quality that consumers have come to expect from us.

By branching out with franchises, UKW is reaching more individuals and giving them treatment that leaves them happy and satisfied. Meanwhile, franchise owners get to run their own businesses using a tried and true model. We want you to join our team of professionals giving the highest quality products and services to our customers. If you want to run a business with a relaxed, courteous and helpful environment, a UKW franchise is what you need.

At Uni K Wax Centers, you will be delivering waxing services for men and women using our products and techniques. With our help, you will be offering the best services in the industry. Everything about customer experience, product usefulness, ambience and more is well thought out by our teams and tested to ensure it is perfect before you offer it in your franchise.

What makes us different?

At UKW, you are part of our team. No one is left out to dry. The company, you, your suppliers, your employees and everyone involved in the process is encouraged to work together to make UKW work for all of us.

You will be combining the excitement of starting your own business, interacting with customers, becoming part of a community and doing fulfilling work with a system that we know works. In other words, the stress of developing products and building a name for your business is eliminated. All you have to do is the fun part.

Why you should own a Uni K Wax Center:
  • Our hair removal is shown to keep hair away longer than other leading systems
  • Our prices are affordable and will keep customers coming back
  • The Uni K Wax Center name is well known and continues to become more so
  • We give you manuals and guidelines that will help you with all of your opening questions
  • We offer a training process that will get you, your management and your waxing specialists ready to help the public with their hair removal needs
  • We start you off with the best customer services basics that will help you build working relationships with your customers

The bottom line is never forgotten in our efforts to provide the best waxing experience possible. You will generate a profit while your customers get an affordable service.

UKW Franchising Company, LLC does not abandon its franchise branches once you opt to buy. We are there to get you through everything, including:

  • Help with choosing a site
  • Walk-through designing your franchise
  • We set you up with the suppliers you need
  • Uni K Wax Centers walks you through the steps to opening
  • You do not have to decorate on your own
  • We help you stock the store with product and equipment
  • We help you with staff development
  • Assistance with human resources
  • Customer service attention
  • Financial reporting assistance
  • Help with initial marketing and public relations
  • Help setting up a grand opening for your branch
  • Training tools for the beginning and the future
  • Ongoing help with marketing strategies, including social media
  • Visits from our team on a regular basis

More information is available about the terrific franchise opportunity by submitting the form in your right.

Comprehensive Training
  • Intensive waxer training at our Uni K Wax University
  • Reference manuals and electronic supplements
  • Access to training tools
  • Innovative marketing plans, programs and promotions
  • Manual and guides designed to assist with seasonal and limited time offers
  • Social media and web tools
Ongoing Support
  • Regular visits from our team
  • Quality assurance guidance
  • Operating system manuals
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