Liquid Capital Required: $50,000 - $100,000 (USD)


Meineke: Best Car Care Services at the Best Car Care Prices!

A Meineke Car Care Center is the right choice for a new business owner desiring a one-stop service center that appeals to busy consumers.

Meineke Car Care Center franchise owners enjoy the benefit of a name brand recognized on a national level. This franchise offers strong innovative presentations with the flexibility of a wide range of appealing consumer services. With the benefits the Meineke franchise offers its business owners, entrepreneurs gain a sizable advantage in the automotive industry.

Reasons an Automotive Care Niche Work:

The market for car care services is projected to remain stable and to expand. The car care services niche holds the potential for growth in many opportune areas.

  • According to sales reports, annual sales figures for the repair and service businesses in the aftermarket arena approach $200 billion.
  • Growth of cars and light trucks purchased and used in the nation has increased by over 23% in the last decade.
  • Families have retained possession of their vehicles for longer time spans. The median age of automobiles and trucks has expanded by 11%.
  • With the increased complexity of electronics involved in the technology of car manufacturing, more individuals seek out car care services for repairs.
  • The automotive service market which includes repairs is showing a steady growth of 5% per annum.

These statistics support that the automotive industry and its needs are still growing and will continue to grow in the future. Savvy entrepreneurs can take advantage of this opportunity to seize a corner of a market niche sure to be successful.

An Excellent Choice for Entrepreneurs, Meineke!

Meineke has been a recognized brand name since 1972 and enjoys a vivid history rife with success. Meineke franchise owners maintain hands on approach doing daily business because they are passionate about the automotive franchise. Meineke's business perspectives and philosophies still carry the principles of Sam Meineke's ideals and innovations.

The Meineke franchise offers new business owners a mix of stable traditional business methods tempered by the application of innovative business strategies. The end goal is quality car care and successful business revenue.

Meineke is recognized as a trusted name for quality and convenience North America.

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There are over 2500 franchise opportunities in the US. Meineke Car Care Centers is clearly in the top flight!