Liquid Capital Required: $50,000 - $100,000 (USD)

Cartridge World

Cartridge World: Serve Your Planet: Help Lead the Cartridge Refill Revolution

Cartridge World is the world’s largest enterprise dedicated to these twin missions: promoting ink cost savings and environmental friendliness. Our ink cartridge refill franchises help consumers save money and avoid adding plastic to landfills. We’ve helped millions of businesses and individuals in more than 60 countries save on printing expenses and reduce their environmental footprints. We have more than 650 Cartridge World franchises in the United States and more than 1700 locations worldwide.

Entrepreneur Magazine has recognized our leadership and named us #1 in toner replacement. They also noted that we’re among the most quickly growing franchises in the US.

That's why Entrepreneur Magazine named Cartridge World:

Cartridge World Franchises are Win-Win!

When you own a successful Cartridge World franchise, there’s no guilt over earnings. Your franchise doesn’t rely on deforestation, low factory wages or other practices that harm the world and its people.

Join a Multi-Billion Dollar Green Industry

Cartridge World is proud to lead the booming ink and toner refill industry. We help customers get the most use from some of America’s 140 million printers. This year alone we’ll keep 9 million toner and ink cartridges from entering landfills. Our business growth potential is staggering: US customers alone use approximately 400 million printer cartridges annually.

Your franchise’s customer base is wide. This strong and diverse population includes everybody from individuals with small home offices to major local corporations. Customers from all backgrounds recognize and appreciate our win-win solution. They save money without sacrificing quality. At the same time, they’re choosing an easy environmentally friendly alternative to throwing out reusable goods.

Enjoy Strong Customer Loyalty

Customers’ loyalty to Cartridge World is strong. We help build customer satisfaction with excellent customer service and a 100% guarantee on refilled cartridges.

For customers’ convenience our franchises also provide:

We Are Making A Difference!

Cartridge World will positively impact our planet by keeping almost 9 million ink and laser printer cartridges out of landfills this year! Rather than throw their ink and laser printer cartridges away and pay full price for a new one – we empower our customers by giving them the choice to recycle their ink and laser printer cartridges at about half the cost.

We Provide the Support You Need!

Ongoing Support for Your Franchise

Cartridge World team members enjoy the support of a lucrative worldwide franchise network. Valuable benefits extended to franchisees include:

Join the Global Green Economy Today

Cartridge World welcomes opportunities to expand its reach domestically and in international markets. Help maintain our position as the industry leader! We’re seeking applicants to open ink refill franchises in the US, Canada and many international locations.

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