Liquid Capital Required: $25,000 - $50,000 (USD)

We Do Lines
How to Own a We Do Lines Franchise

The award of a We Do Lines Franchise is your gateway to personal and business growth as well as a path toward a secure future for you and your family. Your exclusive We Do Lines franchise territory is yours to manage and expand; it also represents one of the most exciting franchised opportunities available in the home based franchise category today.

The We Do Lines brand, while relatively new to the parking lot marking industry, has already ascended to the top of the organic search ladder on the internet and has generated interest and leads nationally. As such, We Do Lines is the fastest growing company in the sector.

The centerpiece of the We Do Lines success is a strong set of corporate ethics coupled with a vision of social responsibility that ensures continued growth, brand development, and loyalty.

Why Choose We Do Lines, The We Do Lines Value Proposition

Brand Equity is a cornerstone of franchising everywhere, from McDonalds to Pizza Hut to H&R Block, franchising has enabled individual owners to leverage brand equity and grow the value of their individual holdings. Brand recognition via targeted local advertising and continued expansion of the distribution network are paramount to the We Do Lines value proposition. We use regional market research and demographic analysis to maximize marketing effectiveness.

Branded Collateral Materials

The We Do Lines brand is supported with professionally developed marketing, apparel, and collateral items for brand consistency.

Specific Marketing Plans

Each We Do lines territory is thoroughly analyzed to assist in the development of a Detailed Marketing Plan and a Strategy for Lead Generation, Customer Referral and Retention.

Exclusive Territories

We Do Lines offers exclusive territories with a minimum of 350,000 parking spaces. The size of your territory will be determined by the number of commercial parking lots along with population density statistics.

Competitive Analysis

Each We Do Lines territory is analyzed for competitor’s strength’s and weakness’. Operations and Marketing strategies are co-developed between corporate team and the local franchisee. This is all with the goal of maximizing the We Do Lines competitive advantage.

Corporate Training and Field Support

We Do Lines’ owner operators are trained to the highest levels of proficiency in field application, sales, and customer service by experienced Line Striping Technicians currently engaged in the day to day operation of the corporate operating company.

Centralized Technology Suite

We Do Lines owner operators enjoy the state of the art, proprietary, and centralized operating system. The reasons include a call center, online invoicing, online quoting, and online ordering of all essential operational supplies. It is about efficiency and eliminating the need for additional labor costs, with the end result of maximizing profit margins.

National Vendor Relationships

We Do Lines has established and maintains strong vendor relationships that allow us to capture the best possible purchasing power for our Franchisees.

Stripe Green Initiative

With the development of the Stripe Green Initiative, We Do Lines is taking an active role in determining how we treat our world. This grassroots program promotes the very best character traits in ourselves: caring for our world. Through Simple, responsible shifts in line striping, together we can protect human health through environmental stewardship.

Advantages of the We Do Lines Business Model
  1. Work from home flexibility
  2. Van based simplicity
  3. Small employee base
  4. Low start up costs
  5. Recurring Revenue Business
  6. Rapidly Scalable
  7. High Profit Margins
Work In a Large and Dynamic Industry: "Almost Everyone Parks!"

There are an estimated 8 million for profit businesses in the US. These businesses comprise more than 50 million parking spaces. This number does not include not for profits like hospitals and schools which add an additional 20 million spaces!

The parking industry was estimated to be a $29 Billion dollar industry in 2008 by the National Parking Association.. Parking lot marking has been estimated to be more than $600 Million of that total. THERE IS NO “NATIONAL BRAND” SERVICING THIS MARKET…Enter We Do Lines USA!!!


Our strength lies in the strength of our franchisees and as such we have developed a highly selective process designed to maximize the potential for personal satisfaction and financial success. We want to ensure that you fully understand the business model and the We Do Lines USA corporate philosophy.
  1. Carefully review all the information on the We Do Lines website.
  2. Request the We Do Lines Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  3. Carefully review the We Do Lines FDD
  4. Visit the We Do line corporate Headquarters in beautiful Ridgefield, CT
  5. If approved, sign the Franchise Disclosure Document and submit with the franchise fee.
  6. Attend the next We Do Lines training class in Connecticut.
  7. Initiate the pre-arranged We Do Lines Marketing & Lead generation campaign.
  8. Start to work, develop, ad enjoy your new We Do Lines Business.
Frequently Asked Questions

What type of person does We Do Lines look for to operate the business model?

We Do Lines recruits our franchisees more like the Marines then the Army as we look for 'A Few Good People.' Our selection process is designed to maximize the fit between the model and the operator. We look for a hands-on operator with the vision to understand that they are limited only by the goals and ambitions they set for themselves.

Is We Do Lines a seasonal business?

Yes, in cold climates. However, the business model is designed to provide an excellent bottom line in a 36 week time frame. Additionally many of our customers also require interior work which can be accomplished all year long.

What do franchisees do in the off season?

Mostly enjoy the fruits of their labor like teachers in the summer! Some multiple unit owners take the business south with them for the winter!

How fast can I get started?

We Do Lines requires that each candidate choose wisely. The Franchise Disclosure Document must be in hand for 10 days and our selection process takes the time it needs. One you have been approved the ramp up time is generally less than 30 days depending in your schedule and the training class availability.

What is the FDD?

The franchising industry is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). As such we must adhere to regulations put forth by the FTC and the various states that require franchisor registration. The FDD is a full disclosure document designed to fully educate the candidate about the company and the business model as well as provide a contract which the candidate will operate under, assuming he or she is approved.

Does We Do Lines finance the start up costs?

Not at this time, although We Do Lines will assist the candidate with securing financing with either the SBA,, or other private financing options.

What constitutes a We Do Lines territory?

We Do Lines generally awards Franchise Units based on a 350,000 space minimum. Some territories in less densely developed areas will comprise multiple counties. Others in very densely populated areas might be comprised of several We Do Lines Territories. We will work with our owner operators to ensure they have more than enough exclusive territory to keep them busy for years to come.